New city, country and continent..

Shreya Parashar
2 min readFeb 7, 2020


but same old me!?!

Ermm.. I am a woman of few words…

I have a verbal diarrhea only when I am writing or I am with close friends. So, brace yourselves!

2019 has been one of a kind. I run a small content boutique, creating brand stories by the day and reading books by the night (and sometimes trying to write). We expanded our offices, from Mumbai to Liverpool & come 2020- Toronto; our team size grew to double digits. Managing team came as a full-time job but we learned the ropes, trying to instill a sense of freedom, trust and responsibility.

Work from home (WFH) was an option that anyone could take & I don’t remember getting sleepless nights worrying much over the deliverable. Today, as I sit in a different continent, I am still at ease.

Because TRUST.

When we were leaving for Toronto, my mom was perplexed. “Why can’t you comfortably be at a place?” The emotional roller-coaster that she was on, did not help her get the most fitting words. I understand as I carry the same DNA.

Some days, when I am out hunting for an office place, I stand in the wind chill with numb nose and watery eyes and wonder, “Why am I doing this at -10 ‘C?” And then that voice from within comes.

Because BELIEF. On yourself.

So, here’s to stirring changes in every positive way possible. To a 20/20 vision, to 2020!


P.S. And yes, it is not a woman’s duty in my organization to cut cakes for the whole team to eat. Enough with the gender-based stereotypical roles.



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